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Hot Melt Bonding Machine

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  • MaterialOperating by pneumatic cylinder

[Eunsung i Co.,Ltd.]

  • South Korea South Korea
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Product Detail Information

Application : This machine has high adhesiveness with Hot Melt tape between frame and case.

To heat the Hot Melt tape and makes the tape hardening to bond strongly.

Feature :

■  Prevent sway and can control of bonding time, temperature and cooling time using by PLC digital control system and decelerate motor.

■  Safety of Operator by Slide Type.

■  Equipment design has been changed to slim and weight less.

■  System changed from backward and foward slide to left and right slide and improved shock and produce speed increase by short distance.

■  The feature and characteristic of machine can be customized according to the objective products and requirements of the user.

Characteristics :

■  Voltage/Frequency : 220V/60Hz

■  Temperature Rage : 0~350℃

■  Welding Area : 120 x 80